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Growth Cave by Lucas Lee Tyson Review

Lucas Lee Tyson Review
While Growth Cave by Lucas Lee Tyson is not a scam, it’s crucial to research programs that make promises of easy success. They also require much upfront work and are not passive income opportunities.

Growth Cave’s training emphasizes using Facebook ads to generate leads for businesses. However, this method may be unreliable and expensive. Visit Growth Cave Reviews to learn more.

The Productized Profits program is an online course that teaches you how to start a digital marketing agency. It is taught by Lucas Lee Tyson, who started his marketing agency in his college dorm room with less than $50 to his name. This system has helped him become a multi-millionaire.

The program includes a step-by-step plan for starting your marketing agency, and it also explains how to leverage Facebook ads. Its unique strategy can help you get high-paying clients in less than a month. The program is easy to follow and doesn’t require any prior experience. It is an excellent option for people seeking an alternative to their 9-5 job.

While many people make significant income using the Growth Cave training, it is important to note that not everyone will succeed. Many people will find that running a marketing agency is not for them, and other work-at-home jobs or side hustles may be better suited to their personality and skillset. Despite this, there are many positive reviews of the program.

Lucas Lee-Tyson is a twenty-something digital marketer and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. He launched his first business as a teenager and has since built a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency. His agency specializes in Facebook and YouTube advertising. He was able to make this money by creating a client-blended software solution and by selling it to local businesses.

He has also written a book on his journey called “Productized Profits”. He claims that anyone can start their own successful marketing agency by following the steps in his book. The course is geared towards beginners who are interested in learning the fundamentals of starting and growing their own agency. It covers a wide range of topics, including the basics of local marketing, automation tools, and growth strategies for digital marketing agencies.

The program also includes a money-back guarantee. However, there are a few requirements that you must meet to qualify for this guarantee. For example, you must be a member of the Facebook group and attend at least two of the weekly live Q&A calls. Additionally, you must have completed at least 60% of the course material.


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Lucas Lee-Tyson is a reputable business coach and YouTube marketing expert who creates and sells online courses. His flagship program, Knowledge Business Accelerator, teaches people how to make money by creating online courses and advertising them through YouTube ads. However, the program is not without its flaws. It has outdated information and a disorganized structure, and it may not be as effective as it claims to be.

The course includes six training modules, and participants must attend two live coaching calls to get one-on-one guidance. In addition, they must launch a Productized Lead Generation ad campaign and let it run for 14 days. The program also offers group coaching calls, which are helpful for new entrepreneurs who need support from a community of like-minded people.

Module 4 is where Growth Cave focuses on the art of closing deals. It teaches participants strategies for building trust with clients, overcoming objections, and negotiating with them. It also reveals how to break down client calls into two parts for better communication and more trust.

While Growth Cave’s success guarantee is a welcome feature, some users are concerned that the company does not have enough incentives to help its members succeed. Its refund policy is not generous and requires a full upfront payment or a split-payment plan. This can be challenging for people who are on a tight budget. In addition, some of the training is outdated and the coaching call recordings are often skewed.

Customer Service

Lucas Lee Tyson, a 22-year-old internet marketer, has developed Growth Cave, a local marketing online business model and digital marketing training program. The program teaches how to build a digital marketing agency that generates leads for local businesses with Facebook and YouTube ads. It also teaches how to make money from those leads. The program is highly recommended for those with a digital marketing background or experience.

While Growth Cave is not a scam, there are some concerns about its legitimacy. For example, the company’s practice of soliciting early positive reviews is questionable, as it may mislead customers into thinking that the program is effective. Moreover, the program requires full payment upfront, which can pose financial risks for potential buyers.

Another concern is the program’s lack of a customer support team. Some customers have reported that they haven’t been able to get any responses from their coaches, and other customers have complained about having to pay for coaching services on top of the cost of the program. The company’s “success guarantee” is also a cause for concern, as it doesn’t provide sufficient incentive for the company to genuinely assist its users.

Despite the many complaints about the Growth Cave program, some users have found it to be a valuable resource for starting their own marketing agency. One such user is a yoga teacher who was able to generate a recurring revenue stream of $10,000 per month from the program. However, he cautioned that the process is not for everyone.

Module 4 of the program focuses on client acquisition and closing sales. It teaches students strategies for building relationships with prospective clients and addressing their objections. It also covers the fundamentals of scalability, including the optimal time to streamline and delegate parts of a business.

While it is important to be realistic about your expectations, a digital marketing business can be a lucrative career. However, you must be prepared to invest a significant amount of time and energy into your marketing campaign. If you are unable to devote the necessary time and resources, then you should consider other career options.


Lucas Lee Tyson is the founder of Growth Cave, a digital marketing agency that teaches people how to earn money online by assisting local businesses with Facebook ads. He has been involved in the digital marketing business since he was 15, and has built several profitable online companies using various methods and strategies. His knowledge of Facebook and other social media advertising platforms helps him attract new clients and build a solid client base. However, he is careful to emphasize that success in the business does not come easily.

He offers training modules and webinars to help people learn the ins and outs of the business. He also shares sample strategy calls during his online training sessions to teach students how to build a strong rapport with their clients and improve their sales skills. This method allows him to close more deals with his clients, which can lead to a higher income stream for his company.

In addition to his webinars and videos, Growth Cave offers a comprehensive step-by-step program for starting a successful business. The $1,500 program and the Elite Program provide detailed overviews and instructions for launching an agency. The programs are not cheap, but they are a good investment for anyone interested in pursuing this lucrative business model.

Unlike many other programs that promise to make you rich in short periods of time, Growth Cave is a legitimate program that can teach you how to build a successful agency. Its price tag may seem high, but it is worth the investment if you want to succeed in the online marketing business. Its training modules are well-organized and easy to understand.

While there are some positive reviews on Growth Cave, some customers have complained about the program’s lack of transparency and support. One customer claimed that the company charged them $40,000 for a program they were not told about in advance. Another complaint alleges that the company does not respond to emails and phone calls.

Whether or not Growth Cave is a scam depends on the perception and expectations of its participants. Some users might think that the program is a scam because it makes unrealistic promises of earning a large amount of money in a short period of time. This is especially true if the program uses aggressive marketing tactics, which can create false expectations about its effectiveness.